House Beautiful

When it comes to grooming, not all breeds are alike- long haired dogs often need more baths than shorthaired ones. The product you choose can make all the difference to your pooch’s skin.  Unscented Shampoo- Made to order in small batches and infused with flee-and tick-repellent. $12.”- House Beautiful Magazine, Oct. 2014 ed.


“I think this is totally genius!  I hate it when my dog comes in stinky and I have totally been using it on her.  I think it’s also soothing for itchy skin.”-


WOW! This is the clear favorite of the box for so many reasons. One, bravo PetBox for sending such an innovative product and supporting small businesses. Two, this product works PHENOMENALLY! So easy to apply! I rubbed a small amount between my hands and then ran my fingers through Whiskey’s fur. It dispersed immediately and without leaving a noticeable powdery residue. And finally three, the smell of the “Grapefruit and Lemongrass” is incredibly pleasant without being overpowering (though they do make an unscented version if you prefer). I really am impressed with how easy and how quickly this worked for us. Whiskey was two weeks post bath when I tried this product and he smells and feels fresh – no greasy feeling fur or creek water smells from our hikes. I plan to buy this product as a gift for my canine-loved friends in the future. (PS – I am INCREDIBLY tempted to try this on myself …. hmmmmm)”-